This Throwback Thursday post is such a blast from the past! April 2008. Backstage at Carson Daly’s late night talk show. Tempted by all the food in the green room. Chugging my sugar free Red Bull, which I used to consume daily. And I had only a few months earlier began my fitness journey. But I was on a mission! To jog shirtless in Malibu by 4th of July weekend. The big reveal came but it wasn’t easy getting there! This video – and the 4 am wakeup times I used to have – reminded me of how hard I worked to get where I am today. And I remind myself how hard I STILL work!!! As I tell my kids, that’s the #2 most important thing in life – hard work! #1 is family! Watch! Enjoy! Share! Follow my @PerezHilton YouTube channel! Follow me on Insta! And get a personalized video from me on Cameo! Links below!