Month: June 2023

Green Smoothies

Do you want to lose weight or maintain an ideal weight, while still being able to eat the delicious food you want? This is for you who want a fast, healthy and nutritious meal, instead of a regular breakfast, lunch or dinner. It...

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The 2 Meal Day

In The 2 Meal Day, Max Lowery introduces intermittent fasting – eat just two meals a day, either breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner – to burn fat and get fit fast. Rather than grazing on food all day or having...

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30-Day Vegetarian Diet

The 30-Day Vegetarian Diet blends American cooking with Asian vegetarian concepts. Of course this diet is meatless, but fish, eggs and dairy are allowed. The diet is a Pescetarian version of vegetarianism and features delicious,...

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Eating Clean For Dummies

The fast and easy way to eat clean Clean foods are natural; free of added sugars, hydrogenated fats, trans-fats, and anything else that is unnatural and unnecessary. Used as a way of life, clean eating can improve overall...

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Meal Prep Cookbook:

*** SPECIAL BONUS INSIDE THE BOOK *** If you’re interested in saving time and energy through efficient, smart meal prep strategies, then The Complete Meal Prep Cookbook is the book for you! When you feel like you’re...

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