In the wake of my video going viral again I was ridiculously bothered that the second half of the video was cut out.
I documented how Drew was losing weight & working out but the internet had different ideas cut out that portion of the video.
Obesity is a different kind of demon; As a person who is shape you’d assume I would know nothing about it… However, my brother aka (The UnChiseledAdonis) struggles with his obesity daily.
My goal here is to eviserate any excuse as to why you cannot work to make sure you NEVER get this big.
My delivery… Harsh? Yes. Mean? Perhaps. Out of line? That’s for certain. But the bottom line is YOU HAVE TO GET IT DONE! Nobody wants to go to the grave early. I’ve seen obesity take family memebers & I seen friends suffer with it in their house.
Yes I may be a comedian but everybody who knows me knows how I feel about people at heart. If creating this video motivates one person to be inspried by this family; I’ve done my job.
Feel free to send words of encouragement to the entire family on their weight loss journey! I wish them nothing but a healthy lifestyle & the best life they can possibly live!
Drewbytheton, Felicia Gill, Chitoka Light, Aida Sadiq, Beverly Hunter Anderson, Naomi Anderson, Stella Harris

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