You’re about to discover how you can enjoy healthy, delicious, quick and easy wraps for every season, without breaking the bank! Warning: This is NOT your average sandwich book. There is no PB&J, Ham and Cheese, or BLT in here, but that’s not to say there are weird ingredients that you have to order from Timbuktu either. Everything in this book should be easily available at your local grocery store, and will be best in season. Yes we take advantage of Mother Nature’s bounty by breaking up our wraps recipes up seasonally so you’re getting the best flavor and the best prices on your ingredients. Now a quick word of warning to my regular readers… Most of my books are written using the Paleo Diet as a base, and I LOVE Paleo. It’s one of the healthiest diets out there in my opinion, but not everybody is on the Paleo diet and I didn’t think that should prevent people from eating seasonally tasty foods that will help them achieve their health and weight loss goals. So this book is NOT Paleo, but most of the recipes would be fairly easy to adapt if you want to. What this book IS, is a seasonal trip through yummy, quick and easy, portable food for busy people on the go, who also happen to care about their health. Here’s what you’ll find inside: * 52 delicious wrap recipes divided by season with detailed nutritional information, which not only includes the number of calories per serving, but also the fat, carbohydrate and protein content of each dish * When the freshness of Spring is in the air you can shake off the winter doldrums with offerings like Barbecued Veggies with Goat Chesse, Fresh Tuna Tortillas (no canned tuna here!), and Asparagus, Carrot and Humus Wraps * Summer’s heat screams for bold flavors with a light fresh touch so why not try a Greek Salad Wraps, Shrimp & Avocado Summer Rolls, or a Kofta Burger in Flatbread * When the autumn leaves begin to turn you can shift into more hearty fare that takes advantage of the seasonal harvest like a Pork Tenderloin Wrap with Chipotle Sauce & Pickled Red Onions, Sweet Potato Falafels with Coleslaw, or Turkey and Cranberry Roll-Ups * Then as the North wind begins to blow and Winter sets in you can indulge in some healthy comfort foods like Cheese and Chili Melts, Hot Leg of Lamb Wraps, and a Hearty Winter Wrap * All of the dishes are relatively quick and easy to prepare; and * Because all these recipes are for wraps, you can prepare most meals beforehand and enjoy them during your lunch break or snack time. With a combination of 52 delicious, nutritious and easy-to-prepare wrap recipes, you’ll be packing a new, convenient, flavorful and money-saving meal for every week of the year.

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