Are you looking for a diet that won’t leave you hungry but will boost your weight loss like never before? Do you want to lose weight fast with a guided, step-by-step 4-week plan and 426 recipes that will get you amazing results? If that’s the case, it’s time to consider the Sirtfood Diet! The Sirtfood Diet is based on eating foods that contain high levels of sirtuins. These amazing proteins help with cellular rejuvenation, give you a healthy glow, and, the best part, they make you skinny! Yep, it’s scientifically proven that sirtuins activate the “skinny gene” and enhance weight loss. Have you seen how much weight has the famous singer Adele lost? The Sirtfood Diet is her SECRET, and it’s easy to understand why: it offers a sustainable, flexible approach that adapts to your needs. The diet allows delicious foods like chocolate and red wine, which, combined with other sirtuin-rich foods, will take your body and health to the next level! Sirtfood Diet 3 in 1 is NOT the classic diet book that gives you a list of ingredients and let you do the hard work to understand how to implement it in your everyday life. It’s a well-defined PLAN you can start IMMEDIATELY, whether you are a meat-lover or prefer plant-based nutrition. —— Here’s what you’ll find inside Sirtfood Diet 3 Books in 1: The Sirtfood Diet explained in detail, with pros, cons, and health benefits clearly outlined. The scientific background behind sirtuins and how they work to activate the “skinny gene.” An explanation of the 2 Phases of the Sirtfood Diet, to teach you how to make them work for you. WHY you need a THIRD Phase to easily transition to everyday healthy eating. HINT: Thanks to this Phase, you can feel good and stay healthy for life. A full list of ingredients (no hard-to-find stuff!) with meal prep tips and tricks. 1 STANDARD Meal plan for 4 weeks, including Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3, packed with dozens of delicious meals so that you can start right away. 1 PLANT-BASED Meal plan for 4 weeks, including 3 Phases as well, well studied for vegetarian and vegan people who want to give a boost to their weight loss with the Sirtfood Diet. 292 Amazing sirtfood meal ideas including meat, fish, eggs etc. and healthy snacks to quell the hunger. 134 Plant-based sirtfood recipes, so that you never run out of ideas. AND SO MUCH MORE! Are you ready to lose weight and start living the life you deserve? This book will set you up for success from Day 1! Get Your Copy Today!

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