◆NEW EDITION 2021◆ Are you on a diet and running out of recipes? Are you tired of monotonous Lean & Green recipes and boring snacks? Would you like to make your diet SUSTAINABLE by eating REAL food? If you’re here to start an EFFECTIVE diet or continue to lose weight without feeling bored by repetitive meals, check this out! All Low Budget meals, to keep your wallet under control, too, goodbye to expensive branded preparations! Colorful and tasty meals to make your diet sustainable over time, goodbye to the rebound effect! Just quick and easy recipes that keep all the fragrance of your favorite dishes, using little or absolutely no oil, thanks to many ideas perfectly designed for your air fryer! Fuelings and snacks are the most exciting part for most dieters, but who wants to pay for expensive brand-name products and just eat powdered meals for the rest of their lives? If you already have some in your home, you know it’s not sustainable to live off these “snacks”. Especially if you want to keep your whole family healthy! In this cookbook, you’ll find lots of ideas for creating Fuelings and Lean & Green recipes in your home from the ingredients you know, and significantly cheaper! Imagine being able to make your diet much healthier by having a wider variety of all-day, nutrient dense, whole grain Fuelings, and on a budget! You can make them all yourself, prepare them ahead of time, keep them in the fridge, and can grab them whenever you need them. That’s why the author of the Lean & Green Cookbook decided to write this book to show people how to add flavor to their meals without feeling overly restricted! You will find in this cookbook an essential guide with all the tips and tricks that the author has learned over the years, this book covers: – Have Full Awareness about Allowed and Avoid Foods, which is extremely important to know to make the right choices without compromising the diet’s proper functioning. – Have the Chance to Eat and Cook Easy-to-Make and Yummy Lean & Green Recipes provided with nutritional information, ingredients, and cooking/preparation time for each meal you will have in a day. – A beginner-friendly intro―Learn the fundamentals of the Lean & Green diet and what it does for the body to effectively lose weight easier and more sustainable over time! – Mouthwatering Lean and Green-approved recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, salad, snack, side dishes, and for those who follow vegetarian lifestyles! … & Lot More! If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life through natural weight loss, the “Lean & Green Cookbook” is an excellent book for you. It contains everything you need to know to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle. Ready to get started? Click on the BUY NOW button!

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