Lifestyle changes, in a positive direction, can and will transform your life, and there is no better time than the present to begin. The Mediterranean Diet is a must read for individuals desiring more energy, weight loss, and a positive outlook to start their day. This book is designed to help you follow the Mediterranean diet, even when your schedule gets hectic. The Mediterranean diet is a popular eating plan that mimics the way people in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea eat. They enjoy healthy fats such as olive oil in place of butter, and more fish instead of red meat. This book covers What is the Mediterranean diet? The history of the Mediterranean diet The science behind the Mediterranean diet The Mediterranean lifestyle Health benefits of the Mediterranean diet Step by step instructions to roll out the improvement A delicious path to weight loss Essential Mediterranean food Planning your Mediterranean diet Breakfast & brunch recipes Lunch recipes Dinner recipes Snacks recipes Dessert recipes …And more Learn what thousands have already discovered: managing your diet can and will be fun if you choose the right helpers – make our books one of yours. There is no better way to satisfy a craving or keep a diet in check than by eating something delicious and good for you – a salad is ideal.

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