71.6% of Americans are Overweight in 2021… Keep Reading to Lose Weight and Stand Out from the Majority. Ever had to run for a bus or across the street and found yourself deeply out of breath with your hands on your knees? Even if it was just a 20 second jog, that can be enough to break a sweat and start wishing you were in better shape, I certainly know what it’s like and I am sure you answered yes to the question above feeling slightly embarrassed. It is almost normal to be overweight in 2021, which is a big concern because the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle can cause severe health problems in later life and have a detrimental effect on your mental health. There’s more to losing weight than being able to run for a bus effortlessly, you will be putting yourself at less risk of disease, you will gain confidence in yourself and improve your quality of life! I know what it is like to be a part of that 71.6% and I know how hard it is to lose weight, but I followed simple advice that you will find in this book and managed to improve my quality of life by losing weight. Now as a Qualified Personal Trainer, it is clear to say the change in my lifestyle has brought the best out of me and I want to help you make that change. This book will help you make a great start to your weight loss journey. Getting started is the hardest part because you don’t know what to do, you don’t want to waste time, you don’t want to spend money on gyms and most of all you need motivation. This book will provide you with many beginner exercise routines to follow, a starter 6-week workout plan, lots of basic dietary information and much more to get you burning fat efficiently. Although maintaining a healthy lifestyle is tough, it’s necessary to make a change to your current situation. I couldn’t count all of the health risks you have by being overweight with one hand, and unfortunately there aren’t any magic drinks out there that will make you burn all of your fat overnight. This book mainly focuses on providing you with many basic workouts to get you on track to lose weight. By following the information in this book and putting in the work, you will be able to lose weight/burn fat at a consistent rate and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the foreseeable future. This book is for beginners and takes into consideration the restrictions that people face. My friend, with a BMI of 33.1 and osteoarthritis in both knees, managed to follow my advice to become slimmer, more confident and experience less knee pain in just 6 weeks. So, if restrictions didn’t stop him, why should it stop you? This isn’t just a standard exercise guide, although it is set up for 6 weeks there is enough information to help you carry it on further. Not only that but by reading this book, you’ll discover: The Six-Week Starter Workout Routine to Follow from Home. How to Correctly Prepare for Exercise. The Simple Diet That Accelerates Weight Loss. An Insight on How to Adapt Your Mindset to Reach Your Goals. Many Steps on How to Leave Your Unhealthy Lifestyle Behind. 35 No-Equipment Exercises. As a Bonus, you will get “Intermediate Circuit Training” and “High Intensity Circuit Training”. These follow-up books will increase the rate that you can burn fat and give you a more developed understanding of health & fitness. From these books, you’ll discover: An Easy to Follow 6 Week Exercise Plan. How to Enhance Your Exercising Ability. Many Techniques to Help You Develop a Natural Habit for Exercise. Why Your Comfort Zone is the Barrier That Stops You Reaching Goals. Advanced Nutritional Information for Boosting Your Metabolic Rate. Why Your Current Workout Routine is Setting you up for Failure. If you continue to live your current lifestyle without making a change then your health will only get worse. Trips to the hospital are easily avoided and you really can do it even if you have something holding you back, so stop thinking about it and click “Add to Cart” Now!

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