My passion is “Mind Power” and understanding how the brain can assist us in living our dreams. We can do this by tapping into our own resources, in a way that enables this to happen much more easily. Practises like NLP, visualisation, affirmations repetition, and belief help us. We have to know the comfort zone can trick us with fear of the unknown.

I would like to introduce a book called “Do It a Guide to Living Your Dreams” by John-Roger and Peter McWilliams. It is by the same authors as best-selling “You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought”

“Do It” is very much a practical guide to living your dreams and takes you through the stages of finding your truly fulfilling purpose in life; searching for your long abandoned dreams and deciding which are still important now, therefore helping you create a satisfying life.

It explains how your comfort zone is probably holding you back; how you are probably reacting to life with rules not discarded from childhood; and how to prosper as an adult. How to recognise excuses for not getting things done and how to stop using them and procrastinating.

Challenge your comfort zone and change Your life!

You will discover how to use the uncomfortable elements of fear, guilt, and anger to create energy for enabling your dreams, not destroying them. Learn how to become passionate about creating your dreams instead of allowing them to escape or fester as deep-seated frustrations for the rest of your life.

The book appears quite a tomb, but is an easy read, filled with many quotes, which you can either savour as you go along or press on to the meat of the journey. What are your dreams anyway, do you know, or have they been repressed so long, you have forgotten? This will help you find your true pathway. My dream was to set up an internet business as time and location freedom were pressing desires. I now work from anywhere including wintering in sunny Spain and summers spent in the English countryside.

If working at home is one of your dreams affiliate marketing could be the answer. With the help and guidance of a mentor and the comradeship of a group of budding entrepreneurs, you will have help and support at hand. You only need basic computer skills to begin, as training is provided together with excellent products in a range to keep your customers growing in their interest and repeat business for you.

Sales pages, banners email templates and lots of marketing advice will be available and before long you can be earning commissions. Your business will grow according to the time effort and commitment you invest, so don’t sack the boss just yet but keep the security of your job and build your business in your spare-time for peace of mind.

The satisfaction of achieving your own business is immense and if it is one of your dreams just Do It! Again I say challenge your comfort zone to change your life!