Psycho-Cybernetics is essentially about changing habits, you belief system and your habits of action, and therefore how you react to life-events. Psycho-cybernetics the brain-child of Maxwell Maltz, can help you change your outlook and how you view your capabilities, and therefore your life.

Psycho-cybernetics 2000 has been updated by Dr Bobbe Sommer. Here are some of the chapter headings to give you an idea of what the book can do for you.:

“How the Book Can Transform your Life”

“Free Yourself from False Beliefs”

“De-Stress Yourself with Drug-Free Tranquilizers

“Live Your Life by Your Own Script, How to Choose and Set Goals”

Beyond Self-Image Shaping Your Personality for Success”

This is a step by step action book which gives you a plan to change you life according to your desires. Using the lessons and techniques can make you more confident, successful in whatever area you choose and make your life happier. It will help you decide what is really important to you and how you can work towards your dream.

What is your ideal way of spending your life? What would you wish for yourself? It is believed we only use a fragment of our brain’s capacity, if you really believed in yourself and you ability in any area, you could achieve so much more.

Are you happy with your job, is it your chosen career or were you directed to it, perhaps by your parents? Do you feel fulfilled or are you like millions of people secretly regretting your choice; just earning a living until you can retire?

Spending your life doing something you enjoy isn’t work it is a pleasurable way of spending your days. Think of actors, sports people, dancers, writers etc. what would be your dream job?

Today 1,600,000,000 people according to Google want to work at home, numbers are growing all the time. What is causing this current unrest? Is it stress in the work-place, the hurry scurry syndrome, or the delayed retirement age?

A simple way of working at home with your laptop is Affiliate marketing. This gives you the time and location freedom that you many crave. Affiliate marketing is an online business that is inexpensive to set up part-time whilst initially, you continue with your day job. It can bring you extra cash in the form of commissions as you build your business, and learn the techniques.

To keep it as simple as possible begin with a coach and work to a tried and tested formula. Join a group of budding entrepreneurs and learn together, with support and training. Don’t attempt to learn it all by yourself, follow the guidance of an expert and save yourself stress and information overload. Start part-time, earning whilst you are learning.

I hope “Psycho-Cybernetics 2000” will help you on your journey to a more exciting and fulfilling future, whatever your journey and chosen dreams are. Another book that will take your on a journey to change your life is:

“Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins.