Any good lose weight diet plan will involve eating–and eating enough and you can get tons more tips at The goal is to achieve a sustainable way of eating and living. But the average diet starve a person for weight loss that rarely lasts. What it comes down to is a desire to change the way you eat so that as a result of better eating your body drops unnecessary weight. That is so much easier and healthier than feeling deprived for weeks or months. Besides, if someone told you that you had a choice between eating and not eating and still achieving the same results, which would you choose? Don’t Blame Yourself! The first thing you need to know is that you are a finely developed machine that is designed to store calories as fat for the lean times ahead. We don’t usually experience truly lean times any more, but that doesn’t change your biochemistry. Add to that the fact that the way we eat has changed completely in the last 2 generations and we have created a recipe for waistline disaster. The brain reacts to certain foods in the same way it reacts to drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine and LSD. If you eat things that combine fat, sugar and salt, and who doesn’t, then you quickly develop a craving for it similar to that of a drug addict to their drugs. So what can you do? Studies indicate a cold turkey approach works best. When you deprive your body of that combination, your craving decreases. Do you want to know how strong that craving is? Even if months have passed when you next pass a restaurant sign of a place where you had a particularly “satisfying” meal, your brain will try to get you to recreate the experience.