Over the past three years Tom Kerridge has positively transformed his life, shedding twelve stone and getting his weight firmly under control. Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet reveals the secret of his success – achieved by weaning himself off empty carbs and booze, and focusing on foods that are especially rich in flavour. Certain foods, such as leafy greens and good quality beef, have been scientifically proven to trigger the release of dopamine, the ‘happy’ chemical that creates a natural sense of wellbeing which is an essential ingredient in keeping the long-term dieter on the straight and narrow. As Tom himself says: Everybody else moans that diets are a struggle, but I quite enjoy mine. Every time you experience a pleasurable sensation, whether it is from gambling, drugs, alcohol, sex or food, dopamine is released (and there is evidence that low dopamine levels can decrease motivation and make us feel lethargic and apathetic). I know this may sound like I’m getting all scientific on you, but trust me on this, I’m just going to give you a load of recipes that are fairly low on carbohydrates and high in the amino acid tyrosine, which has the potential to increase the dopamine levels in the brain. Meaning that you will enjoy eating it. It is that easy.

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