In our world, when the snacks have replaced healthy meals is very difficult to keep yourself in shape and lose weight if necessary. If you have tried and you failed, you might think that diets are just not effective. Most likely, you are right because traditional diets will not help here. However, there is keto diet that will help you avoid excess weight and build a healthy relationship with food. Moreover, this day has finally come! Now all the efficient recipes for keto diet are collected in one book. Just one hand movement and you already know how to cook unusual meals and lose weight fast simultaneously. There are no special secrets to how to start eating healthy food there. The main thing is that healthy food does not require an additional financial cost to the family budget. You must admit that healthy food should not be too expensive. It is enough that they are natural and fresh. The importance lies in how these foods are prepared and consumed. The keto diet is a very strict diet with a low carbohydrate content and is therefore very effective. The healthy menu that collected in my cookbook increases the physical endurance of the human body, providing constant access to all the energy that produces from the stores of fats. In order to make the ketogenic diet really simple and pleasant, you need to learn new useful recipes that described in this book. My keto cookbook is based on the best recipes, for which it is necessary to use a diverse and useful range of products. Here you will find many recipes that could help you choose dishes that contain low levels of carbohydrates. And also you will find such chapters: What is The Ketogenic Diet How can it benefit you? Food Avoided/ Food Allowed What is a Crock-Pot? Healthy vegetable dishes Fish and seafood Soups & Cream Soups Meat dishes The book also contains recommendations and secret of cooking. Therefore, you can easily master the cooking of dishes thanks to my recipes, and you will open a whole world of delicious and original dishes!

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