Would you like to lose weight in a healthy way and increase your muscles? Do you need a meal plan and some recipes to make it work? Just keep reading to find out more! It’s the latest diet craze everyone’s talking about, a diet rich in ‘sirtfoods’. According to researchers, these special foods work by activating specific proteins in the body called sirtuins. Sirtuins are believed to protect cells in the body from dying when they are under stress and are thought to regulate inflammation, metabolism and the aging process. Researchers also believe sirtuins influence the body’s ability to burn fat and boost metabolism, resulting in a seven pound weight loss a week while maintaining muscle. The eating plan will change the way you do healthy eating. It may sound like a non-user-friendly name, but it’s one you’ll be hearing about a lot. Here it is what you will find inside: What are the sirtfoods How to lose weight with sirtfoods How to increase your muscles by following this diet Recipes to eat healthier with sirtfoods …and much more! Weight loss and good health can be achieved by following a healthy, balanced diet. Our nutritionist approved plan helps you find your perfect portion size, guideline daily amounts and nutritionally balanced breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Don’t lose time anymore! Scroll the page and press the buy button to start as soon as possible!

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