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EAT Hotel Food and STILL Lose Weight :


Version 1 (To be followed on most days)

Meal 1 : 2 dates + Small serving fruit (1-2 banana, 1 apple, 1 mango or any fruit of your choice. Ideally, keep changing it up) + 2-3 large glasses of water + Bowl of egg whites (3-4 egg white) or 100g Chicken/Fish or 100g Paneer

TEA OR COFFEE with 1 spoon sugar also allowed!

Meal 2 & 3 – Protein serving (Bowl of chicken/Paneer/Egg White) + Complex carbohydrate serving (Bowl of Rice/Upma OR 2 wheat/ragi/jowar/bajra rotis) + Vegetable Serving

Just make sure there is a 1 hour 30 minute gap between 2 meals.

Meal 4 : Only protein (Kababs) + (Optional) Nuts like badaam/cashew

VERSION 2 : On days when you will go outside for dinner

Meal 1 : 1 date + Small serving fruit + 2-3 glasses of water

Meal 2 : Cheat meal (eat whatever you want) + 4-5 glasses of water

Meal 3 : (ONLY IF HUNGRY) White meat (Grilled or fried in a non-stick with MINIMUM Oil) + Vegetables

Meal 4 : (ONLY IF HUNGRY) Small portion of slow digesting protein (Curd, paneer, red meat) + vegetables

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