Want more energy? Try a plant based diet! Doctors have long touted the benefits of eating a plant-based diet, and people are listening. The plant-based food industry is booming, and more food establishments are catering to the trend as people aim to increase their consumption of vegetables, fruits, and whole foods. Plant Based for Tired People addresses questions and concerns people have in order to ensure they find success from the get-go. First, we explore the evolution of the trend and explain exactly what it means to go plant-based. We also take a look at how adopting a primarily plant-based diet can positively affect one’s health, weight loss, and even the environment. Next, we give readers the tools they need to get started with a detailed plan for transitioning to the diet and a must-have food-shopping guide. We also inspire and encourage with real people’s success stories and expert advice on everything from cooking for a meat-loving family to eating out when following a plant-based diet. We end on a delicious note with 30 pages of drool-worthy recipes that even self-proclaimed carnivores will gobble up.

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