Meal Plans for Weight Loss: Superfood Quinoa and Eating Clean The Meal Plans for Weight Loss book covers two very healthy weight loss plans the clean eating diet and the quinoa cookbook. Each of these sections offers diet meal plans that will lead to healthy weight loss by eating the right weight loss foods. The best weight loss diet is one that consists of health meal plans that satisfy the hunger. A fast weight loss diet is one that you adhere to follow the guidelines. The two diet plans in this book are quick weight loss diets if you eat the recommended foods through the recipes provided and do not cheat. The first section of the Meal Plans for Weight Loss book covers the Clean Eating diet with these chapters: Clean Eating, The Clean Diet, Benefits of Clean Eating, Alternative Food Types, Tips for Eating Clean and Healthy, 5 Day Sample Planner for Day to Day Meals, Breakfast Recipes, Quick and Easy Lunches, Main Meal Recipes, Side Dishes, Desserts, Snacks, Beverages, and Clean Eating Conclusion. The second section of the Meal Plans for Weight Loss book covers the Quinoa Cookbook with these chapters: Introduction – Do We Grow Old Too Fast, What Is Quinoa, Requirement of Modern Food, Nutritional Value of Quinoa, How Does Quinoa Actually Taste Like, Let’s Put the Ideas into Practice, The Sweetness in Life, General Tips for Preparing Quinoa, Suggestions and Compilations, Breakfast, Soups, Main Dishes, Special Kid Friendly Quinoa Recipes, and Quinoa Bread. A sampling of the included recipes are: Quinoa Pizza, Creamy Albacore Pita, Savory Scallops with Zesty Spinach, Quinoa Pancakes, and Quinoa with Raisins and Cashew Nuts.

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