Tired Of Counting Macros And Calories Without Any Long Term Results? Discover Over 1000 Delicious Recipes That Will Put Your Body In A Fat-Burning State Almost Effortlessly! (-Everything is set and ready, no math skills required!-) “Eat less, move more” – you have heard this weight loss formula, right? If it would have worked, every American, British, German, or whatever the nationality is, people there had been fit and healthy. Unfortunately, that’s is not that easy… During the last 4 years, I have been studying the science of weight loss and began trying to figure out why some people are fit and healthy while overs struggle even to lose a few pounds. Is this just genetics? Bad eating habits? All at once? It didn’t take me long to find an answer, but I waited so I can perfect it and make it sustainable and easy to implement and stick for everyday people like you. And this is when I discover “The Macro Diet.” And don’t get me wrong. You won’t need to calculate every gram or ounce of food you’re going to be eating. Take a look at what’s inside: – What is a macro diet, and why may it be the best and most sustainable lifestyle for you? – The main benefits of a macro diet and why you don’t have to be good at math to know and calculate exactly how much food you should eat to attain the body you want? – How to eat the delicious food you like and still keep losing weight? (there is only 1 rule you need to follow) – Macros and Calories – what is the difference, and why is it important to know both to stay healthy and boost your weight loss at the same time? – Why are micronutrients so important to keep you healthy, energized, and strong? And how much of each do you need to take? – Over 1000 (that’s ONE THOUSAND!) super-delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes to keep your weight under control and help you lose body fat even faster! – Are you a fan of meat or fish? Here is the entire section for you with the most amazing Poultry, Beef, Pork, Salmon, Seafood recipes, and more! – Quick and delicious snacks, wraps, sweets, and desserts that will not put a single pound of weight on your body – Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes for people who enjoy more plant-based food and prefer to avoid meat products – The yummy juice and smoothy recipes will fade away from your soft drink craving for a long time – enjoy! – Complete, ready-for your 28-day meal plan to keep you on track with your weight loss results and make sure you don’t slip (an easy way to organize all the delicious meals you want to eat from this cookbook and don’t get confused) – Much much more… And keep in mind that you don’t have to be an experienced cook, neither a diet expert, to succeed with the recipes and techniques I will teach you shortly. This book will take you by the hand and lead you through every single step! So don’t wait, get this book today and Enjoy!

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