“About the book” Losing Weight With Interval Fasting – All Food … But Please With Breaks: How To Reach Your Ideal Weight Quickly And Healthily With The 16/8 Method. Live healthier, longer and slimmer with meal breaks – without starving! An agonizingly long diet with renouncement of all, tasty meals is not for you? Then try it with an interval fast in the 16/8 rhythm. The nice thing is that you can still feast and only have to follow one rule. Everything you need to lose weight with this method as well as healthy and tasty recipe ideas, which you can try yourself right away, can be found here in this guide. The intermittent fasting is suitable for those who do not stand on permanent food prohibitions and also do not want to make a crash diet, which leads in shortest time to weight loss (by muscle dismantling). Who carries out the short time fasting, some positive aspects will notice fast: – One learns to distinguish between appetite and hunger again. – The calorie supply is sustainably reduced with proper execution, since the stomach is not the whole – day through large meals and small snacks permanently filled. – The burning of the own fat depots is promoted in the chamfering period, since the body must avail itself of these, in order to provide for sufficient energy. One can celebrate with the diet thus quite fast slimming successes. – In a study it was found out that interval fasting can improve chronic illnesses such as diabetes, rheumatism and high blood pressure or not at all let develop. The 16/8 method is suitable for all target groups (beginners, advanced learners, weight loss enthusiasts, fitness athletes or simply health conscious people) and very easy to integrate into everyday life. Because there is hardly a simpler and more effective way to become permanently slim – without counting calories, without jojo effect, yes, even without sport.

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