The phenomenal success of Rick Gallop’s The Gi Diet – based on a simple traffic-light system for choosing the right foods to eat according to their rating on the Glycemic Index – has proved to be the easy and healthy way to permanent weight loss for hundreds of thousands of people. It’s so simple to use that you will never have to count another calorie, gram or point ever again! Not only will the Gi Diet help you lose weight without going hungry- changing your eating habits can also help reduce your risk of many life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. Living the Gi Diet is packed with tips for eating on holiday, dining out and coping with food cravings. Inside you will find- – 100 dleicious-tasting recipes – Everything from breakfasts, snacks and soups to main courses and wicked desserts – Food lists to help you prepare your own meals – What to do if you find you are plagued with cravings for forbidden foods!

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