Have you ever wondered, can you ever lose these fats and get an amazing physique? Then you will need a Keto diet for beginners and a weight loss plan. Previously, like Hollywood celebrities, I followed alkaline, juice and smoothie diets for reducing weight, balancing the pH level, anti-aging and to avoid some health problems like arthritis and cancer. But as much as I did exercises and followed the diet, I faced some problems and found it difficult to reduce stubborn belly fat, then after a detailed research and seeing results, I followed a new diet called KETOGENIC DIET. You might have heard about it, but haven’t tried it. Actually, it is a modified Atkins diet. Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you for choosing Ketogenic Diet Recipes for Weight Loss. With less carbs, these recipes helps you to lose weight, gain health, energy and vitality faster. Coming to facts, there are many different types of benefits of the ketogenic diet, but due to the lack of awareness, people are missing a safe way to lose weight and eliminating fat from the body to maintain a healthy long life.There are some ways to make delicious and nutritious keto recipes other than just adding bunches of ingredients willy-nilly. So to avoid this, in the following chapters, I will explain each and every step of preparation method, including health benefits and nutritional information.Additionally, you will learn different types of helpful tricks and tips to ensure your diet habit develops as quickly and smoothly as possible, including how to fully commit to the diet.After that, you will find top 25 ketogenic recipes for rapid weight loss in 30 days with less than ten carbs, including smoothie recipes. This recipe ensures that you will lose weight in less time period without losing your health.The key to start a new habit successfully is doing everything that you can do within your power, with active mind and dedication to reduce your weight by following a ketogenic diet. Successful pattern formations are a reminder, routine and reward yourself with additional keto protein bars when you’ve achieved your weekly goal and reminded yourself about incredible benefits. Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn… CHAPTER 1 KETOGENIC DIET CHAPTER 2 BRIEF OVERVIEW OF KETOGENIC FOOD FOR WEIGHT LOSS CHAPTER 3 21-DAY MEAL PLAN FOR RAPID WEIGHT LOSS CHAPTER 4 BREAKFAST RECIPES CHAPTER 5 LUNCH RECIPES CHAPTER 6 DINNER RECIPES CHAPTER 7 SALAD RECIPES CHAPTER 8 DESSERT RECIPES CHAPTER 9 SMOOTHIE RECIPES Scroll up and click “Buy now with 1-Click” to download your copy now! © 2016 All Rights Reserved !Tags: Keto, Easy Recipes, Ketogenic, Ketogenic Cookbook, Diet Plan, Healthy, Paleo, Meals, Healthy Food,Ketogenic Diet Recipes,Weight Loss

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