Did you know? Fast foods and away-from-home meals in the American diet is related to a lack of time to plan and prepare meals at home? According to the 10 year National Dietary Intake data, this, in addition to inadequate cooking skills and food preparation knowledge are major barriers to preparing nutritious healthy home-cooked meals. The consequence? A higher risk for obesity and related diseases; but while the devastating effects of a fast-food lifestyle may not be acutely life-threatening, it can lead to more serious implications for health and mind. Are you looking to cook healthier, smarter and efficiently for better health?Do you intend to lose weight fast while enjoying the best of Keto meal recipes?Do you want to meal-prep the best of healthy, home-cooked Keto meals that can serve as ready-to-go convenience meals while at work?Do you want to save more time and energy while eating delicious and nutritious meals even on a zero budget?If this sounds like you, then sit back as you’ve come to the right place. Best selling author, Teresa shares several tips, tricks and strategies to prepare healthy and delicious keto meals without slaving away every day in the Kitchen! Certainly, there is a bit of a learning curve for a beginner who wants to get started on Keto and prepare for better time management in the kitchen, but be rest assured it’s easy to get started and you can actually begin to cook, save for later and enjoy your favorite keto recipes. Specifically, in this book, you will discover How the ketogenic diet works and why you should go Keto Best ways to easily get started on the Ketogenic Diet even if you’ve never heard the term before! How to prep Keto meals to save, grab and go for later How prepped Keto meals can help save you more time especially if you are busy and have little time to cook Over 50 Life-changing, but largely unknown Kitchen equipment that can assist you in Keto meal preparation and help save more time A carefully designed Keto diet prep meal plan that can help you lose 25 pounds in only 21 days, even if you are a binge freak! Full-sized colorful images of all recipes included, naturally invoking an appetizing urge to try them out (for color version) How to spend less to get more with shopping list ingredients that are not only grocery-efficient but readily available and easy to source Nutritional information with Calorie, fat, protein and net carbohydrate counts on each recipe, so you don’t lose track of your macros. An Index of recipes and terminologies to help you quickly pick out the recipe of your choice – saving you precious time! Tips and tricks that can lead you to success on meal prepping on the keto diet *Free Bonus* cheat sheet – Get access to my free cheat sheet with 21 proven tips and tricks to make meal prepping on the keto diet seamless and easy for you. What’s more? This book comes in a full, large 8.5″ by 11″ sized sheets printed on quality paper – large enough to put down notes around edges while trying out recipes. Even if you’ve had no previous cooking experience, you can finally begin to find more freedom from enjoying work, family and social life while keeping track of your health and weight loss goals. All you need do is to diligently follow the recipes and the meal plan, find time to tweak it with optional flavors as it best suits you, and that’s it – And you can go right ahead to eat your favorite home-cooked meals during the week. Take action today, and begin the process to get started on taking back your freedom, improving time management in the kitchen while achieving WEIGHT LOSS on KETO.Simply scroll up and click the Add to Cart button NOW.

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