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IDEA Health & Fitness Association is a membership association for fitness and wellness professionals. The association’s approximately 22,000 members hail from over 80 countries, with most members living and practicing their craft in North America. Members are personal fitness trainers, group fitness instructors, body-mind-spirit professionals (yoga, Pilates, etc.), and health club facility owners, managers and fitness program directors.

IDEA turns out 20 print educational vehicles per year—including its flagship magazine IDEA Fitness Journal, and the niche newsletters IDEA Trainer Success and IDEA Fitness Manager. Additionally, the association offers two free monthly digital information vehicles that reach approximately 70,000 people 24 times per year: IDEA Fit Tips & News and Inner IDEA Body-Mind-Spirit Review.

IDEA runs four live events and trade shows per year: IDEA World Fitness Convention; Inner IDEA Conference, IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West, and IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East. Cumulatively, an estimated 15,000 people travel to these four conferences from around the globe each year to amass research-based knowledge in their respective fitness and wellness specialty areas.

IDEA is known for its company culture, centering it on the health and happiness of their employees. Forbes recently featured the founders of IDEA in an article titled “Wake up CEOs: You’re about to Lose Your Best Employees”.

IDEA was founded in 1982 by Kathie Davis and Peter Davis to disseminate education and information to fitness industry professionals. They still serve as the company’s Executive Director and CEO, respectively.



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