Getting weight loss surgery is a huge decision, probably one of the biggest of your life and proper preparation is one of the most important things you can do for yourself to give yourself the best experience and results possible. Post-surgery is the most important time to maintain good eating habits with the right balance of nutrients and calories so that you can lose the excess weight and keep it off forever. This book will provide you with a variety of 100 healthy and delicious recipes that are made for each stage of your post-operative meal plan, as well as a brief guide to Gastric Sleeve surgery. The Gastric Sleeve Cookbook And Bariatric Surgery Recovery Guide is here to help you set new eating habits and enjoy healthier life going forward, as well as better understand nutrition and your food consumption so that you can maintain your weight long after undergoing weight loss surgery. Each recipe includes specific instructions for preparation of each dish for every stage of your eating program. By reading this book, you will learn the fastest way to prepare delicious meals that are ideal for helping you recover faster after your surgery. Here is a condensed preview of the Chapters in this book: • Introduction to Gastric Sleeve Surgery and the Gastric Sleeve Diet • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers • Full List of Things you Can and Cannot Eat • Pre-Op Recipes • Phase 1 Recipes • Phase 2 Recipes • Phase 3 Recipes • Phase 4 Recipes If you or someone you love is considering weight loss surgery and would like to learn more about it, then this book is a must have for you!

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