Obesity is soaring and is a worldwide epidemic: around 2.4 million children in the UK are affected by overweight. Parents are finding it harder to raise their children healthily due to the multitude of confusing nutritional messages in the media and an abundance of foods high in fat, sugar and salt targeted at children. In this comprehensive guide one of Great Ormond Street’s specialist paediatric dietitians, Paul Sacher, not only provides parents with practical and accessible advice on nutrition and healthy eating, but also informs parents on changing their children’s long-term behaviours to promote increased activity and a healthier lifestyle. From Kid to Superkid uses a unique three-pronged approach incorporating: – nutrition and diet: use of the glycaemic index to help decrease snacking and prevent weight gain – physical activity: the importance of play and goal setting – behaviour modification: using rewards and goals to improve self-esteem and confidence. With recipes, shopping lists, tips, exercises, case studies and resources, plus a comprehensive programme for life, this is the essential guide for all parents wishing to develop a healthy lifestyle for their child.

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