This book contains the news about diet you’ve always wanted to hear. Everything we seem to believe about salt, sugar, fat, fiber, antioxidants etc. is based on science so thin and shabby that you can forget about healthy eating guidelines. A medical doctor with a background in review of scientific studies reveals what everybody else in the nutrition business understands but won’t discuss: you can eat whatever you like. Forbidden Food covers: What we believe about food, What diet science is, Fat, Salt, Sugar, Dietary fibre, Antioxidants, Small frequent meals, Staying hydrated, Why we believe what can’t be proven. John Sloan is a family physician in Vancouver, Canada where he is a Clinical Professor in the Family Practice Department at the University of British Columbia. An active teacher, Dr. Sloan has published a primary care textbook called Protocols in Primary Care Geriatrics, organized and taught in hundreds of courses and conferences in Canada, the U. S. and Europe, and written numerous academic articles, including original research. He is also author of A Bitter Pill: How the Medical System is Failing the Elderly, published in 2009 by Greystone Books. Dr Sloan has held committee and contract positions involving critical review of scientific evidence for the BC Pharmacare Program, and served for many years on the medical committee of Quorum IRC, a clinical study ethics review organization in Seattle. He is well-qualified to discuss scientific evidence, without any of the conflict that an academic career in the diet science enterprise might create. His non-medical interests include cooking, wine, jazz and classical music, fiction, and metaphysics; Dr. Sloan has published articles on travel and wine in magazines, and maintains a website for book and restaurant reviews, as well as one on his clinical practice. He lives with his family in Vancouver and Roberts Creek B.C.

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