Francesca has boundless energy and enthusiasm, making you want to follow her. She founded Empowering Events in 2014 after becoming a Mindset Coach. Francesca attended seminars across the globe including those of Mr Tony Robbins (a favourite of mine) and decided that the best way to get a following was to use Meet Up.

This is not all business, don’t be fooled. By using Francesca’s method, you will work smarter so that you have more time for the things that really matter to you. Not only does she earn a great income, have a great lifestyle and a cult following; she has a great time doing it.

With a passion for helping people with self-development; this book also helps others to pass on the message and lifestyle to others who want to follow in her footsteps.

Francesca finds it hard to believe it herself, but she really does have the dream life. She is invited to speak at many events, she helps get people together and every night ends in warm and fuzzy chats with clients and well-wishers alike.

After she had personally experiencing some of the wonderful benefits of seminars that delivered on their promises, Francesca wished to also spread the love. To do this she created Empowering Events.

Widening the scope to include business seminars on growth and marketing is how I discovered her. I noted an article on Facebook, did some research and took the chance of purchasing the eBook Follow Me. I found that it was refreshing that I was not made to feel like a beginner, but that I could do it too. The steps were easy enough but I was still advised not to expect everything straight away. That made the difference to me, some promise the world now and others make it sound too hard.

I was not promised to earn a fortune in 90 days, I was not promised that I would not have to do anything, rather it made me want to go out and make it happen. Isn’t that what it is all about?

Just last week, through Francesca’s Facebook page, I heard that she would be speaking at an event close to me. I jumped at the opportunity to attend. She writes as she speaks and I had a blast. Entertaining stories, true heartbreak as well as the joy of success were all shared.

Empowering Events aims to provide people with events that show people like you and I how to stimulate or start the growth of our minds and businesses as one cannot succeed without the other!

I recommend this book to those who work for themselves or others as a fresh take on business and a little fun too.