You are intoxicated by an unhealthy lifestyle and improper diet or maybe you have already followed several diets in the past but they either didn’t work or were complex to follow. You are afraid of “new” diseases that did not exist in the past and think that we could go back to the diets that were followed by our ancestors. You feel confused and frustrated at the very thought of going to the supermarket to shop and having to give up putting some “daily” products in the cart, such as meat. Are you looking for The Most Accurate and Exhaustive Guide to Burn Fat and Lose Weight according to the Most Famous Plant-Based diet? Then DR. SEBI Diet Cookbook is what you need to know about this Famous and Certified Method you can easily follow. This diet is based on the African Bio-Mineral Balance theory and was developed by the self-educated herbalist Dr. Sebi. He designed this diet for anyone who wishes to naturally cure or prevent disease and improve their overall health without relying on conventional Western medicine. Inside the Book you’ll find: Why Dr. Sebi alkaline diet is safe and can help you burn fat and loss weight healthy because is very low in calories and limits processed food How to achieve an alkaline state in the body in order to prevent or eradicate disease and improve overall health; a list of essential ingredients approved by Dr. Sebi (which should never be missing at home) is provided to make an alkaline dietary recipe Why this African approach to disease is more genuine and can also detox and cleanse all your body minimizing acidity in your foods and mucus in your body 123 Top Delicious and Easy-to-Make Recipes for a Healthy Weight Loss divided by categories so that you can easily choose between breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, even cakes and smoothies Dr. Sebi’s tips and tricks to lose weight fast without harmful effects on your health …& so Much More! Dr. Sebi designed this diet for anyone who wishes to naturally cure or prevent disease and improve his overall health without relying on conventional and toxic Western medicine. This Amazing Cookbook gives you all of the information you need to eat right, plan out your meals, and have fun, flavorful recipes that adhere to the Dr. Sebi diet. Would you like to lose weight and decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer, and inflammation at the same time? Of course, you want! …then Click on Buy Right Now and Start Living the Life You Deserve!

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