Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion. Cooking and Dieting: Over 150 Best Easy Quick Recipes To Eat and to Lose Weight BOOK #1: Lose 50 Pounds in 30 Days: Month Challenge to Improve Your Body This book is all about how you can lose a lot of weight in just 30 days. I have given in different chapters of this book how you can keep a healthy and light diet to not only help you prevent from gaining weight but also cut down on daily fat build up. BOOK #2: Prepper Canning: 30 Healthy and Easy To Prepare Canning Recipes The prominent parts which are highlighted in this book will relate to the following head issues, which are related to the underlying concepts and techniques of canning and preserving. BOOK #3: Canning and Preserving for Dummies: 30+ Delicious Small Recipes for All Seasons If you hate missing out on the last bit of homemade goodness more than you love the recipes themselves, then you’ll enjoy learning new ways to make and store them. Whether it’s for fun, family, or storage for an emergency, let us show you how fun and simple canning and preserving can be in these thirty fantastic recipes along with a few tips and tricks of the trade. BOOK #4: Meal Prep: 25 Quick & Easy, Healthy Recipes For Weight Loss And Everything You Need To Know About Prepping! Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or even a meat lover, you’ve come the right place for the easy and the healthy options with little or no prep! BOOK #5: Mediterranean Diet: 20 Recipes to Activate Your Body’s Natural Ability to Lose Weight Fast + 13 Bonus Recipes! Within these pages is a great selection of recipes that will not only delight your tastebuds but they are going to help you to lose weight. BOOK #6: Survival Cookbook: 20 Nutritious Tasty Prepping Recipes In Mason Jars This book is about some recipes that you can take advantage of when you’re alone in the wilderness and you need to survive. You can learn how to make the best prepping recipes in mason jars when you have not enough to go on with. BOOK #7: Water Diet: Proven Tips How To Lose Weight Without Dieting Get Rid Of Wrinkles And Cellulite Just Drinking Water Follow along with us as we indicate exactly how much water to drink per day and when to drink it. This book then goes on to highlight what non-water beverages can be included in your diet and what should be excluded, giving you a full picture of what kind of balance you will need in order for your water based diet to succeed. BOOK #8: Help Yourself: Pro Immunity and Anti Inflammatory Guide This is a self-help book that guides the reader through natural and organic ways to maintain a healthy life style. In this book, you can learn about several ways to maximize the benefits of your dietary intake while simultaneously boosting and promoting your own health without the intervention of medicine. Download your E book “Cooking and Dieting” by scrolling up and clicking”Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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