Eat clean and healthier with 150 meal prep recipes and handy clean eating tips Clean eating isn’t about abiding by a strict set of rules―it’s about incorporating more real food into your diet and establishing healthy habits that help you look and feel your best. Meal prep is a great way to save time and money with wholesome ready-to-go options for breakfast and lunch, and quick dinners you and your family will love. The Clean Eating Meal Prep Cookbook introduces you to the benefits of eating clean and meal prep with 6-week meal planning templates and shopping tips designed to meet specific nutritional goals: 150 Nourishing Clean Eating Recipes―a great variety of recipes to cater to diverse tastes and needs. Clean Eating Basics―Learn more about the benefits of a healthier diet, recommended foods and foods to moderate, core clean eating principles and nutritional guidelines, and more. 6 Weeks to Prep Like a Pro―Discover 6 weekly meal plans that offer helpful suggestions for preparing meals in advance to save you time on weeknights, plus storage guidelines to help you extend the shelf life of pre-prepared dishes and prevent food waste. Whole and Healthy Foods―These clean eating recipes center around whole foods that are easy to source and prepare, with options for both plant and animal proteins. Weight Loss―The healthy, portion-controlled meals and snacks in these plans are filling, nutritious, and delicious, and having them on hand reduces the temptation for fast food quick fixes. Order Clean Eating Meal Prep Cookbook today and always have enough time to eat right and eat well.

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