Ready to shape up in 4 weeks (providing you don’t spend your time asleep listening to this video?!) Listen to some softly spoken genuine advice that I’ve learnt from various gyms and trainers over the years! We’ll discuss your diet and fitness plan, so you’ll be looking and feeling amazing – fast!

*I am not a qualified nutritional or fitness expert. Please seek medical advice when entering any sort of new diet or fitness routine. Advice given in this video is based on the popular documented and researched 5:2 diet, and fitness plan is based on the popular HIIT & LIIT routines, which can really help with proper eating to burn fat.

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ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and is a sensation felt when listening to particular sounds or voices. ASMR is designed to people relax and sleep. Role plays should not be taken as real advice where medical or psychological advice is given. My videos are designed purely for relaxation, which I hope you enjoy.