The Asian Detox Diet by Bora Gyeong Now Available on Amazon! The Asian Detox Diet is the latest wellness book by Bora Gyeong that seeks to apply Asian principles of eating to western culture. It is demonstrably obvious that Asians have less body fat and fewer heart problems than their western counterparts. While many people would consider this a genetic anomaly, it is clear that lifestyle and eating habits play a huge role in why those Asians who live in their native lands are slimmer than those who move to the west and adopt the western diet. Those who retain the types of habits and foods of their homeland are more apt to also retain a slimmer physique and fewer health issues. This has been the subject of previous books by Gyeong and covered more thoroughly within. This latest work, “The Asian Detox Diet” is the next in Gyeong”s series and details how to detox and reboot the body without fasting simply by being selective in the types of foods being eaten. “There are reasons to fast,” Gyeong explains. “None of which are to lose weight. If you want to lose weight you need to expel the waste that is built up in your system, slowing it down, and making you feel bloated and sick. How you do this is through roughage, water, but not ”fasting.”” The principles of the detox outlined in the new eBook are based around Asian principles of homeopathy and evidence-based methodology, as well as, the meal of the average Asian diet. Shifting foods from one type to the next, employing new spices, adding roughage-all done in appropriate measures and means will force the body to evacuate those harmful toxins and excess waste it has been holding onto. The eBook details an approach to the Asian diet, the types of foods to eat, and various spice techniques to get the body working at optimal levels once more. Keywords: asian diet, asian diet plan, weight loss program, best weight loss, weight loss programs, best weight loss program, weight loss plans, fast weight loss, weight loss plan, rapid weight loss, weight loss help, asian diet pyramid, weight loss foods, quick weight loss, weight loss, healthy weight loss, free weight loss programs, natural weight loss, weight loss tips, losing weight tips, traditional asian diet, i need help losing weight, weight loss for women, weight loss drinks, best way to lose weight, need to lose weight, weight loss fast, asian diet secrets, asian diet tips, fast weight loss tips, i want to lose weight, easy weight loss, weight loss programs for women, i need to lose weight, effective weight loss, food to lose weight, tips to lose weight, weight loss pill, skinny asian diet, ways to lose weight, quick weight loss tips, best ways to lose weight, asian diet recipes, weight loss tea, tips for losing weight, weight loss program, asian diet tea, weight loss meals, weight loss for men, typical asian diet, tips for weight loss, want to lose weight, weight loss recipes,weight loss tips for women, weight loss meal plan, healthy ways to lose weight, green tea weight loss, tips on losing weight, best weight loss programs, meal plans for weight loss, weight loss meal plans, how to lose weight, weight reduction, lose weight tips, easy way to lose weight, how to lose weight fast, fastest weight loss, free weight loss, foods to help lose weight, weight loss methods, weight management, lose weight program, the asian diet, healthy recipes for weight loss, lose weight, fat loss, healthy way to lose weight, meal plan to lose weight, south asian diet, losing weight fast, safe weight loss, weight loss food, eating plan to lose weight, asian food diet, healthy diet, diet recipes, weight management programs, healthy foods to lose weight, healthy diet plan, healthy diets, weight loss secrets, good ways to lose weight, help with weight loss, healthy food to lose weight, asian diet menu, healthy eating, diets for women, food for weight loss, lose weight naturally, asian diets

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