Have you ever wanted to turn your body into an ideal body for everyone to admire? If yes, then keep reading! Sirtfood diet is a type of diet that has recently made its way to the headlines as the founders of this diet claimed that you can lose approximately seven pounds in seven days which is the initial stage of this diet plan. This book will provide you with insights of the diet program, how does this basically work, and the science behind sirtfood diets. The book will help you to explore the needs of your body and will give you tips and tricks to treat your body as it deserves. This book also contains the list of groceries you may need when starting the diet regime, foods that are healthy and helpful in weight loss with many other advantages are mentioned in this book. Easy to make homemade recipes are also enlisted in this book having step by step guide to make it easy for you; so that you start making your own meals without any distress. Variety of recipes for each meal timing i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinners as well as juices and sweets that you can easily make and bake at your home. You will be able to satisfy all your cravings easily without the worry of gaining any pounds further as all of these recipes contain sirtfood rich ingredients that activate the sirtuin proteins in your body. This book also contains a 7-day meal plan that anybody could follow by changing the recipes according to their preferences and keeping the calorie counts in mind. Reading this interesting book, you’ll learn: The techniques to create your own diet plan all by yourself at home. The different advantages of eating sirtuin rich foods. How can you easily maintain your weight What are the various fruits, vegetables, herbs, that will help you reduce weight Different recipes you can make at home. And so much more! All of the above is in one book. Is not that exciting? If you really wish to start dieting easily and effectively, then scroll up to the top right away, click the “Buy Now” Button and start living the life that you always wished for!

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