Does apple cider vinegar have benefits for weight loss and fat loss? Also to achieve the before and after results how should you drink acv? Should you drink it daily to lose weight and burn belly fat fast? All these questions are answered in today’s video.
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Can apple cider vinegar help you lose weight and burn fat faster? And for those of you that have been watching my channel for a while now you know that I’m not big on magical fixes or fat burning creams pills potions or powders. When it comes to that kind of stuff I tell it like it is but something about apple cider vinegar makes it worth it to take a closer look. And its not only because it’s been used by people looking to improve their health for thousands of years but its also because there has been a lot of research and there are now so many solid studies on this drink. Apple cider vinegar is sourced from all natural ingredients and the main active component is acetic acid. Research suggest that it can help lower your blood sugar levels which right away is a great benefit for fat loss because when your blood sugar is high your insulin levels go up to deal with that blood sugar. When your insulin levels go up you’re a lot more likely to store fat instead of burning it. The reason is because when your blood sugar goes up your body has only a couple places it can store all that glucose. The first place is in your muscles and your liver but only a limited amount can be stored there before the excess get stored as fat. By building more muscle and by constantly depleting your glycogen stores with a good balance of exercise and diet you can manage your blood sugar and avoid storing fat. But one study has shown that the ability of the liver and the muscles to absorb blood sugar was increased when taking apple cider vinegar. If your muscles and your liver can take in more glucose then that leaves less to be taken in by your fat cells. By lowering blood sugar apple cider vinegar will also decrease your insulin levels allowing you to have higher glucagon levels instead. This has been demonstrated in a study on rats where the ratio of insulin to glucagon was reduced. For those of you that don’t know glucagon has pretty much the inverse function of insulin. It pulls energy from places like your fat cells when blood sugar starts dropping low. Meaning if glucagon goes up and insulin drops down from drinking apple cider vinegar we’re setting up optimal conditions for fat loss and preventing fat storage. According to another study conducted at Arizona State University drinking apple cider vinegar before eating actually led to a decrease in change of blood sugar after carbohydrate filled meals. The acetic acid in the vinegar blocks the breakdown and absorption of starches during digestion which ultimately decreases the spike in blood sugar after a high carb meal. By avoiding the big spike we also avoid the big crash that comes after that initial spike. This is one of the reasons why so many people say that apple cider vinegar helps them feel more energized and be more productive throughout the day. Another thing that people report is that they feel more full and satisfied throughout the day rather than hungry. A study conducted in sweden found that the people that consumed vinegar with their meal reported a higher level of fullness and satisfaction after eating than those that did not consume the vinegar. A big reason for this may be because vinegar has been shown to slow down the rate at which food leaves the stomach. In a small study researchers found that taking apple cider vinegar with a starchy meal significantly slowed stomach emptying which led to an increased feeling of fullness. Not only do a lot of people confirm that they feel more full, but many people also report a decrease in the desire to eat snacks and junk food. And research over in the U.K. supports this claim. By keeping blood sugar levels even throughout the day the acetic acid serves as a natural appetite suppressant. This has obvious benefits for weight loss because if cravings and binge eating is held at bay you can make very quick progress on the scale and with your body fat percentage. In fact one of the biggest obstacles that I encounter with new clients that start training is getting a handle on their cravings. So if apple cider vinegar can help reduce those then it makes the whole process much easier. And in regard to making things easier acetic acid has been found to also help with some chronic diseases. For example certain studies have shown that it can help
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