5:2 Diet Vegetarian Meals for One Cookbook Losing weight is always difficult and knowing which diet will work best for you can be even harder, until now. This cookbook makes it simple to follow the 5:2 Fast Diet because the food is so easy to make. The amount of weight that you can lose on this diet is amazing and all without feeling deprived or hungry. Research into the 5:2 Diet has shown that by restricting calories for just two days a week will help you lose weight fast and healthily. Starting today, you will discover how to shed pounds and in the process you will gain energy, look thinner and feel fitter. Includes: * Smoothies less than 100 & 200 calories * Cooked Breakfasts * Delicious Lunches & Dinners * 5:2 Quick Start * Help and Advice on the 5:2 Fast Diet * Calorie Counter * Snacks & Treats with Calorie Counter The recipes are low-calorie, easy to cook and no nonsense ingredients. You can make extra, freeze ahead and limit your time in the kitchen. The research and testing has been done, so all you have to do now is relax, choose your days meals and watch the weight just drop off

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