My third guest on podcast is Scott Crawford and he’s a 42 year old husband of 17 years, father of 2 kids and 2 rescue dogs. 


He lives in Orange Park, Florida where he works as an architect specializing in research, development, and biopharma manufacturing facilities. 


Scott has been keto focused since February 7, 2017 and has lost 65 pounds over that time without any exercise. He’s the only one doing keto in his household, which he documents throughout struggles and successes.

 In this episode, we talk about:

His weight loss journey, and how he doesn’t plan every meal How he travels with Keto, and what snacks he takes with him. How he deals with temptations and a family who doesn’t eat keto – solo keto His recent move to adding exercise back into his schedule.  

So go and connect with him over on his Instagram, YouTube, and Website at The Keto Dad Life to check out his videos, workouts and everyday life.





Funny personal story.  

A little about you!  

What was the motivation for you to start eating low carb/keto?  

Throughout your weight loss journey, how has your diet changed?  

Only keto person.  

What impact does having a youtube channel, Instagram and website have on your motivation and overall success?  

I’ve noticed you’re a cyclist. How did you get started? How does exercise in general impact your diet and nutrition?  

Quick questions

What’s your favourite low carb food?  What’s your least favourite low carb keto food?  What book or video has recently inspired you? What music have you been listening to recently? Describe your favourite recipe in tantalising detail  

Show Notes:

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Website – The Keto Dad Life –

YouTube – The Keto Dad Life –