10 Models who took their life seriously and got back into shape!
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Admit it, you probably follow a bunch on Instagram models that you don’t know in real life. We follow these influencers to get tips on everything from fashion to fitness. While the most famous Instagram models might look like they won the genetics lottery, some of them had to completely transform their bodies through hard work and determination. Losing weight is never easy, but they’re now able to inspire their followers to achieve their fitness goals. Before Anna Victoria became serious about her health, she was eating fast food three times a day. And Jadé Tuncdoruk had to completely overhaul her diet to get the enviable body that she has today. In this video, we’re going to show you 10 Instagram models who went through huge body transformations for the sake of their happiness. If ever you’re looking for some fitness inspiration, these girls and guys have you covered.

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