Wow Michelle, or Mish as she is affectionately known, is tough. She is also very inspiring. While we just look at her as always being fit, there is a lot of work that goes into that. She is not just always sitting around doing nothing. Regular training, always watching what you eat and a healthy mental outlook all contribute.

I feel that the way that Australians look at lifestyle has changed dramatically since we were young. I was telling my daughter recently that in the 80’s no men wore shirts to the beach or sometimes to the shops. She was disgusted, however there were very few overweight people back then.

We all got up early and did our chores. All kids played outside and only watched possibly one show a day. Our school days included physical exercise that all kids joined in. After school we played outside on bikes or running but always moving. Weekends were adventures and a big group would get out and do something. We only ate because we were called in by our parents to refuel before we were at it again.

Fast forward to the 2010’s and not just the kids, but also the adults graze all day and never leave the house. As a nation, we are getting bigger and less active. We will die younger than ever before due to our lifestyle which is totally our own faults.

Michelle teaches us with her no-nonsense approach that we must take responsibility. Everything from calorie counting to exercise programs are reduced to allow even the beginners to pick up the book and just go. As a community we need to start again as a whole generation is going to be outlived by our parents if we don’t act.

I love watching the weight loss shows as they are so inspiring. If someone is 50 kilograms overweight can find the motivation, so can I. this is where Crunch Time comes in.

We are taught to look at where we are coming from, why we have put on the weight and what we need to change. Fixing the back ground problems means that our mental renovation gives us the strength to keep going. I love the food, the exercise diaries and case studies to make it all real.

There are also some examples of food and exercise mistakes that we all make thinking that we are taking the healthy choices, when sometimes we are making it worse on ourselves.

Michelle aims to help us all to lose a lot of weight as quickly as we can to begin again. Through the twelve-week program which anyone can follow so we can all achieve intense and dramatic results if we really want to. I love it.