Are you tired of fad diets and all of their empty promises? There so many weight loss books available encouraging you to try the latest dietary fad. There are books that offer fast weight loss, how to lose 7 lb in a week and even how to lose weight without dieting. With so many options to choose from it is very difficult for the majority of us to know which way to jump, and inevitably we end up in the diet trap. Have you read the latest on health, only to feel more confused? As a result of so much information out there on health and weight loss, we either do nothing out of frustration or we avidly read all the books available hoping to find the holy grail of weight loss, only to be left more confused by it all. The purpose of this book is not to give you yet another weight loss regime to confuse you even more, but rather to help you to understand the muddle you may currently be in and help you to make intelligent choices about the food you eat. Have you considered the following? *How did the obesity epidemic first begin? What caused us to put on weight in the first place? *What are the physiological reasons for weight gain? *Why it is so difficult to lose weight and then maintain it? *How to understand the myths that surround weight loss. Where did they come from and do they contain any truth? *How allergies can impact on weight gain and what to do about it *The impact the emotions can have on weight gain and your ability to lose weight and how you can successfully deal with this. *The truth about exercise and its effect on weight loss. Is more less or is less more? *Why being overweight predisposes you to degenerative diseases. *The latest research regarding the best weight loss methods and how to implement them. *Weight loss tips for successful weight loss and how to ensure you understand the reasons why YOU are overweight in the first place. It is a different reason for each of us. *Why being healthy will automatically help you to lose weight without needing to resort to a weight loss diet. Author Janet Matthews answers these questions and more, and by the end of this book, you will know the truth about the weight loss industry and how to Beat the Diet Trap by changing the habits of a lifetime. If you want to improve your weight loss motivation and your chances of successfully losing weight and keeping it off, then download this book and make informed choices about your future health.