Hello my loves! Today I am sharing my thoughts on losing weight out of “self-love.” When one is already at a healthy weight and they want to start restricting calories in order to lose weight, is that really practicing “self-love?” I argue that calorie restriction is not a form of self-love. Although, if you are ABOVE your body’s set-point and you are hoping to naturally go back down to your set-point, TRUE self-love is what you need to practice in order to get there. True self-love in terms of health does not mean restricting your calories and going hungry to see a certain number on the scale! True self-love in terms of health means getting lots of sleep, drinking plenty of water, eating a predominantly whole foods plant based diet along with other foods you crave and that make you feel good, eating as much food as your body is asking for (not limiting it to lose weight fast), moving your body in a way that is enjoyable, and practicing developing an overall positive mindset. Let me know what YOU are doing for self-love today! I love you guys, have a beautiful day!

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