Scientists have discovered the secret of healthy permanent weight loss – and it’s got nothing to do with dieting! People are over-weight because they are imprisoned by their bad habits. The fatter someone is, the more habits they have. THE NO DIET DIET shows you how to break these hidden habits so you can effortlessly lose weight without feeling hungry. There are no calories to count or carbs to watch – but more importantly – there’s no diet to follow. Clinical trials show that THE NO DIET DIET will help you: – Lose weight without feeling hungry – Continue shedding the pounds until your body’s ideal healthy weight emerges – Lose weight simply without using willpower, calorie counting, expensive diet clubs, restrictive food regimes or unrealistic exercise programmes – Become happier and healthier – Maintain the weight loss permanently by adopting the secrets of the naturally slim Stop dieting and start living with this revolutionary and original programme. You’ll never have to buy another diet book again.

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