Are you struggling with weight loss? Do you want to change your whole life? Do you want to look more beautiful and filled with much more energy? Use these weight loss tips and delicious recipes to achieve happiness, health, and beauty, without boring workouts. Our distant ancestors did not have sushi and pizza delivery, there were no vending machines with chips, nuts and soda. In general, the relations with the food of the ancient people were quite tense – they had to sweat a lot before finding their food. However, according to contemporary anthropology, the ancient people rarely died of hunger, but at the same time did not suffer from excessive weight and contemporary diseases. Maybe for this generation, suffering from overeating, obesity, and countless diseases, it’s time to return to the roots and dramatically change its style of eating? Those, who follow the paleo diet believe that paleo diet is the most natural and healthy way of eating. It is based on the theory that mankind began to get sick and suffer from excess weight with the beginning of agriculture. Therefore, the diet consists of healthy products that primitive people ate during the Paleolithic period. This type of diet will bring great benefits to your health and help you with easy weight reduction and keeping it at a constant level. In this book, you will learn more about paleo diet, including some researches done on paleo diet, its principles and rules, the benefits of paleo diet and some problems with transitioning to paleo diet, as well as ways to resolve them. You will also learn what foods are allowed in paleo diet and which should be eliminated. A short guide on how to go on a paleo diet, which includes a sample paleo menu for a week and more than 30 paleo recipes, will help you make this transition much easier and become beautiful and healthy. Catch the chance to get this copy by click BUY NOW button at the top! Read for FREE With Kindle Unlimited!