Scientists have now proved that dieting does not achieve permanent weight-loss. Not only do you gain back lost pounds, you put back more! but don’t throw in teh towel and pick up a fork. Even if you are genetically predisposed to gaining weight, you can successfully reach and maintain your weight-loss goal…If you know the secrets experts have uncovered. Don’t miss: –What drives you to chocolate and what can put on the brakes. –Top 50 foods to promote your body’s fat-burning power. –How to beat back binges with prayer. –Best beverages to help you trim fat overnight. –Fifty easy physical activities that urn 150 calories. –Why thin people eat breakfast. –How strength training stops the clock on age-related weight gain. –A five-herb tincture that slashes inches. –A centuries-old herbal remedy that helps keep sweet craving away. –The best natural near-zero sweetener.

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