Would you like to eat delicious meals and still lose weight with each meal you eat? Are you tired of spending so much time in the kitchen from day to day? Would you want to save time and more money to attend to other things? If yes, then this book might be what you need! In this book, you will find the secret to achieving all these and more, carefully written and in details. With a step by step, easy, yet professional approach to writing each of its over 100 healthy low carb Meal Prep Recipes. This book offers a wide variety of delicious yet healthy recipes that would help you achieve rapid weight loss, eat healthy, eat clean and improve your general well being. Each recipe contains – A carefully written preparation and cook time – A detailed serving amount – Readily accessible ingredients – A step by step instructional guide to making each recipe – Detailed storage instruction and more The First 2 chapters centers on helping you find a footing as a beginner, with detailed DOs an DONTs of Meal Prepping, the application as you develop from being a beginner to a meal prepping pro. In this book you will find… a) Meal Prep Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Recipes b) Meal Prep Dessert & Snack Recipes c) Meal Prep Salad Recipes d) Meal Prep Soup Recipes e) Meal Prep Veggie Recipes f) Meal Prep Cups, Mugs & Muffin Recipes g) Meal Prep One Pot Meal Recipes h) Meal Prep Chicken Recipes i) Meal Prep Beverages and more. Grab this book, lose weight rapidly and eat delicious homemade meals!

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