Meal prep is a boon for all working professionals, students and stay at home parents, who spend their days busy with work and have no time or energy at the end of the day to cook healthy meals for themselves or their families. This often results in unhealthy meals ordered from fast food restaurants or convenience foods. These foods may seem extremely convenient, easy and hassle free -but have you ever thought of the impact these kinds of foods have on the body?When you pre-plan and prep your meals in advance, you can easily save a lot of time and energy and get a healthy meal out of it too. Pre-planning ensures that you are clear on what you want to cook and when, making your grocery shopping a lot easier.This book will explain you the basics of meal prep in great detail, the benefits you can reap, the mental strategies to lose weight, the common mistakes made by people while following a low carb diet, together with giving readers a 4 week meal plan and a whole bunch of recipes that you can use while prepping your weekly meals.You are about to Discover…* What is a Low-Carb Diet?* What is Meal Prep?* How to Meal Prep* Why Is It Important To Meal Prep?* Mental Strategies to Help Lose Weight* Benefits of Meal Prep* Tips and Tricks to Make Meal Prepping Easy* The Most Common Mistakes* Frequently Asked Questions* 4 Week Meal Plan* Breakfast Recipes with Low Carb* Lunch and Dinner Recipes with Low Carb* Dessert Recipes with Low Carb* Low Carb Smoothie RecipesGet your copy TODAY!Keywords : meal prep, meal prep cookbook, meal prep book, meal prep recipe book, healthy meal prep cookbook, meal prep, for weight loss, meal prep for beginners

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