A simple, sensible approach to permanent weight loss. Get Your Lean On will not only give you the recipe for weight-loss success, it will also enrich your understanding of what it will take in keeping it off while enhancing your health and quality of life. A well-laid-out system just for you, including hundreds of delicious healthy recipes in a simple-to-follow format so your weight-loss goal is easily achieved. Get Your Lean On will educate, inspire and assist you in becoming a leaner, healthier, happier you! Are your ready to make your life-changing move? GYLO Success I have been working since 2009 with Tony. The results have been nothing short of amazing. My eating “habits” were out of control. My weight had increased along with my blood pressure and blood sugar readings. Things changed the day Tony put a plan into action. His sensible nutrition plan was put into place. I could feel a change in my posture, my belly and most important, my attitude. We can all blame genetics or lack of time, although with Tony’s knowledge and common sense toward nutrition, I look and feel better than I ever did. Thanks to Get Your Lean On, the only gain I have is a wider SMILE! —Michael E. Bailey To see more please visit: www.GETYOURLEANON.com www.BeWellCooking.com

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