Do you want to lose weight?Are you constantly held back because you’re so overweight?Do you ever go to bed at night wondering if you’ll wake up the next day?In 2010 and for many years prior to that, that life was mine.Maybe this is your life, too. I have written this book in the hopes of helping anyone who is in the same desperately dark place that I was and is looking for the way out. I want it to be one of those inspiring true stories that gives people the ‘aha’ light bulb moment that enables them to change their life.There is definitely a way. I know because I found it. It may not be the way you thought though. It’s not all about nutrition and exercise, as you will find out when you read my story.First of all, let’s talk about the word ‘fat’. I don’t like the word fat. It’s a horrible word. So why is it included in the title of my book? I have included it because it is what I once was.There are 2 kinds of ‘big’, which is the word I’ve always actually used. The first kind is the person that identifies as ‘big’, or ‘big boned’. They’re the person who looks in the mirror and likes what they see. The women who are bigger, but they have confidence, style, a little bit of sass and they strut their stuff with pride.Then there are big people that are ‘fat’. When they look in the mirror, they definitely do NOT like what they see. They call themselves all kinds of horrible names, fat included. They do NOT feel good and sadly, they sit on the sidelines of life letting the world pass them by.I used to be that FAT woman. Now I’m FABULOUS and I love every single day of the amazing life that I lead today.So, if you relate to that ‘fat’ person, who wakes up every morning loathing what they see in the mirror, this book is for you.