Are you ready for a total body transformation? No matter what your age, you’ll find countless tips, tricks, and techniques for sculpting your body and obtaining significant, visible results in as little as four weeks. Done with Dieting offers everything you need to get started on a healthier, fitter way of life, including: How to carry out promises, challenge yourself, and reward goals as you achieve them Important facts about resistance training and cardiovascular training Shopping lists for food and fitness equipment Sample recipes and menu plans Secrets for maximizing your workouts Natural nutrition without supplements And “best of the best” exercises for both home and gym Lauren Shaw’s no-nonsense, natural approach to weight loss and fitness delivers dramatic, quick, and-best of all-consistent and lasting results. Say hello to her motivating and effective program and good riddance to the low-carb craze, diets named after trendy vacation spots, and starvation diets. Done with Dieting puts you on the fast track to a leaner body and a healthier you.

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