This is the ultimate cookbook to cook for your family every day. In this book, you will learn the difference between the ‘Count’ and ‘No Count’ versions of Weight Watchers Smart Points. You’ll learn how to make the most of your Smart Points; how you can earn extra points; how to make ‘smart’ choices in your diet; you’ll learn what the sensible amount of weight you should be losing per week; you’ll learn about foods which it is better for you to eat; you’ll learn about super foods and what these do to your body and mind; you’ll become familiar with the Smart Points value of some of your favourite foods; you’ll have various meal options pre-worked out for you. With Weight Watchers apportioning less points to foods that are naturally healthier for you, the plan is that you’ll eat more healthy foods, in order to use your Smart Points more wisely. Here’s what you’ll find inside the book: -What is this the Weight Watchers (WW) program -How fast can you lose weight? -What can you eat? -What can’t you eat? -Body mass index -Super foods -Water for Weight Loss -Why Weight Watchers is important for us -How to start the Smart Points system and looking for advice -Useful list of points for food choices -Learning more about points and how they are calculated -Move -Grocery Shopping -Some recipes for your week (21) -Snacks and Desserts If you want to see a smaller number on the scale before the year ends, all you have to do is follow the amazing diet meal plan found in the book! Remember, there are many health benefits to clean eating. Some of which are: having long-lasting energy, a reduce the risk of diseases, better mental health, and many more. Get your copy of Weight Watchers Cookbook today. It will transform the way you look at food and provide the motivation you need to lose that weight!

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