Dear Health-Savvy Friend

There are a few nutrients that offer heart protection, but if you have diabetes, the nutrients I’m about to tell you about are especially helpful.

Some of the nutrients specifically address the cardiovascular side effects of excess blood sugar—namely stiffened arteries and blood vessels, thickened blood, and impaired circulation. The others help address an important consequence of impaired circulation, which is the delivery of nutrients to cells.

•Green tea

This is what they can do for your heart…


This important amino acid can significantly improve heart function in people with diabetes. It helps fat cross the mitochondrial membrane, where it gets burned for energy.

Studies show that heart patients who take L-carnitine before an exercise stress test, perform better than those who don’t. Their hearts function more efficiently by pumping more blood, with fewer beats, and they experience less oxygen deprivation.
Best of all, L-carnitine has virtually no side effects.


Studies reveal that people who have the highest magnesium levels have astoundingly lower incidences of coronary heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. In fact, low magnesium has been identified as a cause of atherogenesis and the calcification of soft tissues.

Green tea

Green tea is high in antioxidants. In addition, it contains polyphenols which helps reduce oxidative stress and encourage arteries to widen (vasodilation). This helps decrease blood pressure, prevents clotting, and also helps reduce cholesterol.

If you suffer from diabetes, give your heart the support it needs today…